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As a wedding flower designer and coordinator in Athens, Ga, my main focus is to put the brides and their family at ease during the planning process before the big event. Paying special attention to all details can be a bit overwhelming, but organization is key. Click on the image below to read my blog regarding questions brides ask me when we first meet.
Bride holding a pink and white bouquet. Wedding Flower Designs Athens, Ga
Selecting a photographer can be a daunting task - how does one select the right person for the job? Please click on the link below for some tips what to look for (and to avoid) when choosing a wedding photographer.
Wedding couple on cover of The Classic Wedding Magazine. Wedding Flower Designs Athens, Ga
Here are 3 good reasons you should attend a Wedding Venue Open House (click on image below)
People attending an wedding venue open house event. Wedding Flower Designs, Athens, Ga
Tips on deciding between a live band or a DJ for your wedding (and avoid a "blah" reception/party).
Live Band or DJ? Wedding Flower Designs Athens, Ga